Water Justice for Gaza (WJG)

Amid the devastating war on Gaza and the critical juncture of COP 28, Water Justice for Gaza (WJG) stands at the vanguard in addressing the pressing issues of natural resource dispossession and the quest for water and climate justice in Palestine. Our collective launched to confront the harsh realities of water apartheid and the systematic destruction of Palestinian water systems in Gaza and beyond; and strongly condemn Israel weaponization of water against Palestinians, which constitutes a war crime as stipulated in International law.

WJG, a collective of researchers and activists, is not just an advocate for climate and water justice but also a beacon for solidarity and an educational platform. Our mission is to dissect the complicated narrative of water extractivism and highlight the insidious environmental racism that prevails. As champions of social and economic rights, we are a loud voice for international solidarity, shedding light on the impacts of these crises on Palestinian communities.

As we mark COP28 and the convergence of the Water Day with the International Human Rights Day on December 10th, 2023, WJG extends a heartfelt invitation for your active support in our campaign to support water justice, and to reject water apartheid and environmental discrimination in Gaza and the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Your involvement is crucial in amplifying the message of water justice as an inherent human right. We welcome your support in any form that aligns with our cause, be it through advocacy, education, or direct action.

  1. Amplify our message: Share our cause within your networks to raise awareness about the water crisis in Gaza and the Occupied Palestinian Territories.
  2. Educational Outreach: Engage in discussions, or webinars to educate others about the complexities and injustices of water rights in the region.
  3. Solidarity Actions: Participate in or organize events that align with our cause, be it virtual campaigns, peaceful demonstrations, or gatherings.
  4. Use Social Media: Incorporate our HandheldX @WJ4Gaza into your posts to showcase support for Water Justice for Gaza and the Occupied Palestinian Territories AND use the following #Hashtags:  #StopWaterApartheid    #WaterJustice4Gaza    #WaterRight4HumanRight 

Your commitment to water justice and support for our campaign are immensely valuable. We are eager to collaborate and strengthen our joint efforts for Water Justice in Gaza and across the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

For any questions, additional information, express of support, or to receive our information kit (with combined infographic and articles) and stickers, please contact us at waterjustice4gaza@gmail.com

Together, we can make a significant impact.

In Solidarity,

Water Justice for Gaza (WJG)

Press Release Date: 03/12/2023