The first newsletter of “Water Justice for Gaza”

Vol.1, No.1

10th DECEMBER 2023

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Water Justice for Gaza’s newsletter. This edition is a compendium of insightful contributions from fellow researchers and experts deeply invested in the water challenges faced in Occupied Palestinian Territories, with a special focus on Gaza.

Our newsletter opens with a heartfelt letter to Dr. Reem Abu-Shomar, a respected colleague currently in Gaza. Dr. Reem’s two decades of dedication to health, environment, and water issues in Occupied Palestinian Territories have been a beacon of inspiration and knowledge for us all.

This issue is particularly significant as it is published on the same day of CoP28 Water Day which aligns with the International Human Rights Day, underlining our commitment to addressing the critical water concerns in the region. Through this platform, we aim to shed light on the pressing water issues in Gaza and engage in meaningful dialogue to seek sustainable solutions. We hope that these articles will not only inform but also inspire collective action towards water justice in Palestine.

*Water Justice for Gaza (WJG) is a dedicated collective of researchers and activists, deeply involved in scrutinizing the ecological, economic, political, social, and legal dimensions of water exploitation and policy, both within Gaza and across the Palestinian occupied lands. WJG is vigorously mobilized, driven by an acute sense of urgency to cast a global spotlight on the pressing issues of natural resource exploitation and the quest for water and climate justice in Palestine. The mandate of WJG is to boldly confront the egregious realities of water apartheid, weaponization and the intentional, strategic destruction of Palestinian water systems in Gaza and beyond.