Petition to demand the release of the political prisoner Mohad Gasmi

To demand the release of the political prisoner Mohad Gasmi, sign and share the petition on the link

Mohad Gasmi, a tireless environmentalist, a human rights activist from Adrar in southern Algeria and a father of three children, was arrested on 08 June 2020 over his political activities including his prominent role in the popular uprising (Hirak of 2019-2021) against the military dictatorship. Mohad has been a well-known grassroots activist within the unemployed movement since 2011 and represents a symbol of the 2015 anti-fracking protests refusing the exploitation of shale gas in the Algerian Sahara. Beyond his activism in his home-country, he has also been actively involved in regional initiatives such as the North African Network for Food Sovereignty and the Maghreb school for popular education.

Mohad Gasmi has been under arbitrary and cruel detention for almost three years now, in retaliation for his political activism against the ruling gangs in Algeria. He was judicially pursued in two separate cases with bogus accusations levelled against him. In the first case, he was falsely accused of advocating terrorism based on a Facebook post that dates back to January 2018, and was thus sentenced to two years in prison. As for the second case, he was accused of ‘sharing confidential information without the intent of treason and espionage’ and was prosecuted to three years of prison. The final decision on this case is awaiting to be upheld by the supreme court.

However, everyone is well aware that his political activism is the source of this state-led repression and that he has been persecuted by the military junta that cracked down on the popular movement since 2019.

Mohad’s situation today

There is a scarcity in media coverage of Mohad Gasmi’s case and a serious lack of solidarity actions with him either at the national, regional or international levels, which reflect a deeply worrying situation of human rights abuses, repression and suppression of freedoms (including media) in Algeria. In fact, this imposed media blackout and lack of solidarity exacerbate the cruel situation Mouhad finds himself in; a situation of isolation and feeling left alone in face of the abuse and the vengeance of the military dictatorship that wants to make an example out of him in order to dissuade other brave and dissident activists in following in his footsteps.

If the second sentence is upheld by the supreme court and if the two charges are joined in a single indictment, our comrade Mahad may be free in June 2023. However, given the arbitrary and vindictive character of the prosecutions and the big delays in dealing with his cases (waiting for the supreme court to pronounce on his second case since July 2022!), we have serious concerns and doubts that this will be the case. For instance, let’s not forget that he has been put in preventive detention from 8th June 2020 and for 470 days before being charged in the first case.

Mohad and his family are angry at these unfair trials and unjust treatment. However, they remain hopeful and perseverant, especially that Mouhad obtained his baccalaureate while in prison and that he enrolled in various professional education courses.

We, the undersigned:

  • Demand that the Algerian authorities immediately release all political prisoners, including Mohad Gasmi.
  • Show our solidarity with Mohad and would like to put a spotlight on his ordeal at the local, regional and international levels.
  • Strive to break Mohad’s jail isolation and show that we haven’t forgotten him.
  • Salute his family for their courage and steadfastness during this difficult period as well as his defence team who are doing their utmost best to release him.
  • Call on all human rights organizations and defenders of democratic freedoms and justice to mobilize and support Algerian activists in the face of the repression wave that is affecting them.

Free Mohad Gasmi!

To demand the release of the political prisoner Mohad Gasmi, sign and share the petition on the link

List of Solidarity

  1. Nadège Lahmar, Individual researcher, Individual, Tunisia
  2. Fiona Dove, Transnational Institute, Both, Netherlands
  3. Ikal Ang’elei, Both, KENYA
  4. Sofia Lamanno, No one, Individual, Italy
  5. Crystal Simeoni, Nawi Afrifem Collective, Individual, Kenya
  6. Pascoe Sabido, Corporate Europe Observatory, Both, EU
  7. Carolina Achilles, -, indiv, Germany
  8. Rachmi Hertanti, Individual, Indonesia
  9. Gyekye Tanoh, Hand and Brain Africa Activist Research Initiative, Both, Ghana
  10. Anne Alexander, MENA Solidarity, individual, Britain
  11. Desmond D’Sa, South Durban Commubity Environmental Alliance, Both, South Africa
  12. Gökhan Çevik, None, Individual, Türkiye
  13. Nnimmo Nassey, Health of Mother Earth Foundation, Both, Nigeria
  14. Ruth Nyambura, African Ecofeminist Collective, Both, Kenya – Africa
  15. Shailja Patel, Individual, USA
  16. Fatma Abdellah Mostafa Mohamed, an individual, an individual, Egypt
  17. Bronwen Tucker, Individual, Canada
  18. Helen Hart, Frack Free Leeds, Both, United Kingdom
  19. Ann Callarman, Individual, United Kingdom
  20. Miriam Scharf, National Education Union, International Solidarity Officer as individual, United Kingdom
  21. Andrew Reid, PCS, G&B TUC, Member & Officer of both, UK
  22. Andrea Gilbert, Unite the union, Individual, UK
  23. Miriam Lang, Universidad Andina Simon Bolivar, individual, Ecuador
  24. Danny Chivers, N/a, Individual, United Kingdom
  25. Bob Archer, Redbridge Trades Union Council, Both, UK
  26. Asad Rehman, War on Want, Both, United Kingdom
  27. Mika Minio-Paluello, Energy Democracy Project, Energy Democracy Project, United Kingdom
  28. Ellen Robottom, Yorks and Humber Climate Justice Coalition, Both, United Kingdom
  29. Salome nduta, Oil watch Africa, Both, Kenya
  30. Noelie Audi-Dor, Gastivists collective, Both, Switzerland
  31. Sergio Espin, ClimAcció, individual, España
  32. Ramón Peñalba, Individual, Spain
  33. Alfons Pérez, Debt Observatory in Globalization -ODG-, Both, Catalonia
  34. Juan Bordera Romá, Individual, Spain
  35. Raul, Individual, Spain
  36. Sally Morgan, XR Leeds, XR Leeds, United Kingdom
  37. Sally Morgan, Individual, Individual, United Kingdom
  38. Pilar Fontserè, Individual, España
  39. Laura Bonastre, Individual, Espanya
  40. Fabian Freire Lopez, Grupo Libélulas, Both, Spain
  41. Christian Belsué Villar, España
  42. Kim Fletcher, NEU, Individual, UK
  43. Angel Encinas Carazo, Individual, España
  44. Maria Mestre Montserrat, CUP, As an individual, Espanya
  45. Carme Díaz, Individual, Spain
  46. Rima Maned, Individual, lebanon
  47. Pol Puig Biosca, Amnesty International, I am signing as an individual, Spain
  48. Jorge Zhou, Individual, Spain
  49. Olga Pradas Lluís, Individual, España
  50. Berta Iglesias Varela, Individual, España
  51. Sergi, Cooperativa Mas Les Vinyes, Both, Spain
  52. Abdallah Brahimi, Free lance, Free lance, Canada
  53. jorge sempere, tierra sana, both, spain
  54. cristina bajet mestre, Individual, Spain
  55. adria sole cantero, Individual, Espanya
  56. Beatriz Sevilla Valderas, Individual, España
  57. Barbara Ntumy, Individual, Ghana
  58. Amara Benamara, Militant, Individuel, France
  59. Evarist Almudéver, Individual, Individual, Spain
  60. Cathie lloyd, Individual, Individual, Scotland
  61. Sergi Nuss Girona, Individual, Catalonia
  62. Vasna Ramasar, Individual, South Africa
  63. Neema Pathak Broome, Kalpavriksh, Individual, India
  64. Silvia Llorente, Individual, Catalonia
  66. Michael Gbarale, Rainbow Watch and Development Centre, Individual and organization, Nigeria
  67. Álvaro Martín, None, Individual, Spain
  68. Jose Manuel Alonso Moreno, Individual, Spain
  69. Tom Kucharz, Ecologistas en Acción, Organization, Spain
  70. Abi taylor, Individual, Uk
  71. Bruna Cañada Roca, Observatori del Deute en la Globalització, Both, Spain
  72. JOSEFINA BEL, Individual, Spain
  73. Núria Mir, individual, spain
  74. Javier de la Herran Gascon, Individual, Spain
  75. Antonio Galindo Meroño, ARBA y ARMH, Individual, Spain
  76. Marcos Rivero Cuadrado, individual, United Kingdom
  77. Stephanie Pride, Just Stop Oil and Extinction Rebellion UK, Individual, UK
  78. Brian Precious, Unite, Individual, United Kingdom
  79. Jean Blackwood, unknown, Individual, United States
  80. luis bardaxi olmos, Ecologistas en Acción, individual, spain
  81. Román Traver Lafuente, Individual, España
  82. Ashley Inglis, Individual, France
  83. Joan Buades Beltran, Individual, Espanya
  84. Benjamin Schuetze, Arnold Bergstraesser Institute, individual, Germany
  85. Cecilia Calleja, Individual, Spain
  86. Dolores Jiménez Roca, Harena, Both, Spain
  87. Clàudia Custodio, ODG, individual, Spain
  88. Juan Carlos Flores Solis, Frente de Pueblos en Defensa de la Tierra y el Agua Morelos, Puebla, Tlaxcala, Both, México
  89. Maria T. San Sebastián, Individual, Spain
  90. Bruna Custodio, individual, Spain
  91. Rosa, Individual, Spain
  92. Luis González Reyes, Ecologistas en Acción, Individuall, Spain
  93. roser vernet, individual, Catalunya
  94. Vanesa Morales Morgado, As an individual, Espanya
  95. Felisa Aguilar duran, Greenpeace, Individual, Chile
  96. Spyridoula Danai Panagi, individual, Greece
  97. Amirouche Moussaoui, Canada
  98. Colectivo Maloka, Barcelona, organisation, Spain
  99. Maria Elena Fernández, Individual, Individual, Spain
  100. Àlex Catalps Berenguer, Can Cases sccl, both, spain
  101. Maria Casadevall Munné, Individual, Catalunya
  102. Maria Garcia, Ecologistes en Acció, Individual, Spain
  103. Mia Guiteres Oliva, None, Individual, Spain
  104. José Antonio Sardinero Olveira, Individual, Spain
  105. Ester vidal, Individual, Barcelona
  106. Adrià Bové Salat, Individual, Espanya
  107. Cristina Edo Miralles, Individual, Individual, Castello
  108. Daniel pardo Rivacoba, Individual, Spain
  109. Mattia Barbero, Individual, España
  110. karim.ben mustapha, Écologie politique, Individual, Tunisie
  111. Marija Mileta, Individual, Croatia
  112. Pablo Morata, Individual, Spain
  113. Inmaculada Saranova de Martín, IbizaPreservation, Both, España
  114. Inmaculada Saranova de Martínة Mal del Cap, Organisationة España
  115. Arnau Montserratة Remenatة Both, Spain
  116. Sergi Ezquerra Boschة Individual, Spain
  117. Alberto Aguirre, Individual, España
  118. Moutaa Amin Elwaer, Individual, Tunisia
  119. As an individual, South Africa
  120. ANNA PONS FRÍGOLS, Individual, Espanya
  121. Iñaki Ochoa Fernandez, Individual, Spain
  122. Claudia Bosch, Extinction Rebellion, Individual, Spain
  123. Martin Andrés Alonso Etayo, España
  124. Assumpta Benaiges, Individual, Individual, Catalunya
  125. Rafael Alday Aguirreche, Individual, Spain
  126. Patricia Verger, Individual, Spain
  127. Paola Hernández Borlán, individual, Spain
  128. Jaume Grau López, individual, Catalonia (Spain)
  129. Verónica, XR, Individual, Spain
  130. Óscar Cejudo Corbalán, NOVACT, Individual, Spain
  131. Sara Manserra, España
  132. Elena Isidro Higueras, Extinction Rebellion Barcelona, Both, Spain
  133. Julia Ponti Estrems, NOOVACT, Both, Spain
  134. Justyna Swidrak, individual, Spain
  135. Dídac Navarro Fernández, Ecologistes en Acció de Catalunya, both, Spain
  136. Joaquín José Martínez Sánchez, El Barco del Exilio, Both, Spain
  137. Patricia Ibarra, COMUNIDAD DE MADRD, Individual, SPAIN
  138. Fernando Márquez, Individual, Spain
  139. Sofía Vílchez Chaparro, Extinction Rebellion Granada, Both, España
  140. Mar Saiz, Individual, Individual, Spain
  141. Erika Navas Pascual, Teachers for Future, Individual, Spain
  142. Ignacio Hernández González, XR Madrid, Individual, Spain
  143. Nick Buxton, Transnational Institute, Individual, Wales, UK
  144. Beatriz Foncueva Peláez, Individual, Spain
  145. Rosa Seguí i Paloui, Individual, Catalunya
  146. Josep Codonyer Soria, Individual, Spain
  147. Raul Gálvez, Individual, SPAIN
  148. Vicent Cucarella, Individual, Spain
  149. Marcel Llavero Pasquina, Global Atlas of Environmental Justice, Individual, Spain
  150. Pedro Gil Santalla, Individual, Spain
  151. Mercedes Camps, Individual, Uruguay
  152. GEMMA TEJEDOR, ODG, Both, Spain
  153. Begoña de Bernardo MIño, Véspera de Nada, Ambos, España
  154. Lorenzo Witty Pou, Teachers for Future Catalonia, Both, Spain
  155. Feliu Madaula Canadell, Individual, Catalunya, Luz Rentero
  156. An individual, Spain
  157. Gemma Simón Mas, Individual, Spain
  158. Mariona Bosch Oliver, Individual, Spain
  159. Anna Sach, Individual, Germany
  160. Àlvar Anyó Anton, Intersindical Valenciana, Individual, Catalonia
  161. Ben Radley, University of Bath, Individual, United Kingdom
  162. Ahmad Ali, Amnesty, Deutschland
  163. Koen Bogaert, Ghent University, Belgium
  164. Robert Crespo, Individual, Spain
  165. Judit Pueyo, Individual, Spain
  166. Montserrat Majó, Spain
  167. Mónica López Sarrió, XR Valencia, Both, Spain
  168. Lucille Maybon, NOVACT, Organisation, Spain
  169. Ogunlade Olamide, CAPPA, As an orgnaisation, Nigeria
  170. Ivanka Puigdueta, Individual, España
  171. Adán Abajo, individual, individual, Spain
  172. Thomas Charles Johnson, Extinction Rebellion, Individual, Spain
  173. Lucrece Vervaeke, Pensionista, As an individual, Belgium
  174. Tom Westland, Wageningen U&R, Individual, Netherlands
  175. Asma Khalifa
  176. Miguel Ángel Sweeney, individual, España
  177. Ameen Lotfi, Individual, USA
  178. Laura Agea, Individual, Spain
  179. Ulrich Brand, University of Vienna, as individual, Austria
  180. Pablo Chamorro Ortiz, Individual, Spain
  181. Alejandra de Cabanyes, None, Individual, Spain
  182. Zahra Ali, Rutgers University, individual, USA
  183. Samantha Hargreaves, WoMin African Alliance, both, South Africa
  184. Desmond Mathew D’Sa, South Durban Community Environmental Aliance, South Durban Community Environmental Aliance, South Africa
  185. David Shulman, individual, United Kingdom
  186. Sanaa Seif, Individual, Egypt
  187. Nada Trigui, Individual, Tunisia
  188. Dr Miriyam Aouragh, University of Westminster, Both, Uk
  189. Professor Kate Alexander, University of Johannesburg, Individual, South Africa
  190. Catherine Sandwell, Individual, Netherlands
  191. Lucile Daumas, Individual, France
  192. Israa Rahmani, cartographie citoyenne, both, Tunisia
  193. Walid Besbes, Warcha – Tunisia, Individual, Tunisia
  194. Mary Ann Manahan, PhD researcher-activist, Individual, Philippines
  195. ruth ogier, Individual, United Kingdom
  196. Meriam Mabrouk, Individual, United Kingdom, Morocco
  197. Dr Dale T McKinley, Iindividual, South Africa
  198. Tisha Brown, individual, United States
  199. Ludo Segers, Individual, Belgium
  200. Jawad Moustakbal, Attac/cadtm Maroc, Organisation, Morocco
  201. Andy Rutherford, Fresh Eyes, both, United Kingdom
  202. Trevor Ngwane, United Front – South Africa, Both, South Africa
  203. Aitor Ossa Rissanen, individual, Basque Country
  204. Anthony Alessandrini, City University of New York, Individual, USA
  205. Grace Handy, City University of New York, individual, USA
  206. Hanne Cottyn,, individual, Belgium
  207. Jennifer Franco, Transnational Institute, individual, Netherlands
  208. Saturnino Borras Jr., International Institute of Social Studies, individual, Netherlands
  209. Beth Munro, Amnesty International, individual, Tunisia
  210. carsten pedersen, Transnational Institute, individual, Denmark
  211. Bart Vandersteene, LSP Gent, both, België
  212. Natan De Coster, Gent University, Individual, Belgium
  213. DANIELA DEL BENE, Global Environmental Justice Research Association, Both, Spain
  214. Marta ILL RAGA, individual, Spain
  215. sophia hadeshian, usa, LLUM
  216. PAH, individual, CATALUNYA
  217. Saleh Mamon, Campaign Against Criminalising Communities, Bith, United Kingdom
  218. Les Levidow, Campaign Against Criminalizing Communities (CAMPACC), UK, both (you can add me to any colleague who has done so), UK
  219. Tajender Sagoo, Individual, United Kingdom
  220. Esmail Mamon, None, Individual, United Kingdon
  221. Mohammed Elnaiem, University of Cambridge, Individual, United Kingdom
  222. Zoheïr Aberkane, Journaliste, Individual, Algeria
  223. Anne Gray, Individual, Uk
  224. estelle Seremes, Individual, France
  225. Chaimae Bel Ayachi, AJ Amnesty Sorbonne, Both, France
  226. Daniel Marshall, individual, USA
  227. cesar padilla, individual, chile
  228., Individual, Greece
  229.  Mer Nas, Individual, UK
  230. Pinar Bedirhanoglu, Middle East Technical University, As an individual, Turkey
  231. Shaila Seshia Galvin, Individual, Switzerland
  232. Esther Aguilà Hernández, XR, Both, España
  233. Jai Sen, Movements of Movements, Individual, Canada
  234. Manuel Casal, Asociación Touda, both, Spain
  235. Dorothy Guerrero, Global Justice Now, Individual, United Kingdom
  236. Nick Dowson, individual, UK
  237. Ian Birchall, UCU Retired, UK