Statement: The success of the General Assembly of NAFSN

In collaboration with the Tunisian Platform of Alternatives, the North African Food Sovereignty Network organized its General Assembly on Saturday the 18th of December 2021 in Tunis after the first Assembly Agadir, Morocco in 2018.

Due to the urgent health situation in the world, 16 persons physically attended the Assembly and 17 participated online with a total of 33 delegates and observers.

The physical-attending participants represent organizations and associations from the following countries: Algeria, Suda, Tunisia, Egypt, Ethiopia and Palestine. While the online participants represent: Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Lebanon and Mauritania.

The General Assembly started with welcoming the participants then the secretariat gave a presentation of the network and its work. Afterwards, a discussion was opened on the narrative and financial reports that deal with the general assessment of the activities of the network during 3 years.

In the afternoon session, the amended chart and the new secretariat were ratified. The secretariat is composed of 7 persons from different countries. Moreover, the membership of the new organizations was accepted:

  • The Syndicate of Mauritanian Farmers.
  • Nesr Association for Agriculture and Development – Mauritania.
  • The Palestinian Agro-ecological Forum.
  • The Alliance of the Farmers of Al Jazeera and Al Managuel – Sudan.
  • The Economic and Social Workgroup “Siyaq” – Lebanon.
  • The Tunisian Platform of Alternatives.

Afterwards, the group discussion evolved around the work strategy of the network during the next three years and the participants suggested the following main ideas:

  • Considering the change of the name of the North African Food Sovereignty Network so it covers the whole region after the membership of organizations from Palestine, Lebanon and Sudan.
  • Holding an extraordinary general assembly in the period between 6 months and one year from the actual general assembly to agree on the name and change terms of the chart.

All the members of the network agreed on the importance of this strategic project in our region and the continuity to build the network, to expand it locally and regionally and to participate in all the activities organized by the network and the friendly organizations.

In the end, the general assembly of the network declared its solidarity with the Union of Agricultural Work Committees in Palestine against the zionist assaults. Also, the participants called for the liberation of our comrades Mouhad Gasmi in Algeria and Fatma Al-Zahra Oueld Belaid in Morocco.

The General Assembly of the North African Food Sovereignty Network

Tunis, December 18th 2021