Regional secretary of the north African network for food sovereignty statement of solidarity with small -scale farmers struggles in the Hawiadia region, Tunisia against quarrying company … In defense of the right for water and life.

 The current struggle of the small farmers in the Hawiadia region shown the limited scale of the Tunisian revolution (december 2010). As the Union Company for quarries in Northwest still adopting – with the help of the Tunisian state – the same neoliberal policies that the Tunisian people had revolted against in 2010. the company still taking advantage of the quarry with an extractivist method that have no considerateness to the environment or the living scheme of the locals.

Seven years ago, the nature of the water in the region started to change: the color of the water has changed in Ain Dhokkara (Dhokkara spring ) which is the only source for water due to the deep drilling. The white dust had spread in the atmosphere of the village. There is a big damage in the agricultural products of the peasants, cracks in the houses, with the dangers of Mountain collapse. Instead of interfering to the side of the locales the Tunisian state have collaborated with the company or ignored the locales demands to stop this environmental crisis.

   To continue their struggle, which was started in 2013 through making and signing petitions to the local authorities, the Hawiadia residents have entered an open sit-in since 23 December 2019. The sit -in continues for about 50 days now, in which the residents are demanding to stop the quarry company activities which heavily affect the people’s life in the region. They also demand accountability for the company’s previous actions. The small-scale farmers in the region (men, women and children) have raised their voice against the immanent danger that surrounds their life.

These struggles have gathered the attention and solidarity from many activist groups, individuals and media outlets. This solidarity is crucial in this region and other north African regions that witness the capital, state attack on the lives of peasants.

we at the Regional secretary of the north African network for food sovereignty announce that:

  • We fully support, give our absolute solidarity with the Hawiadia region struggles against the capitalist firms that is still plundering the resources and destroys the local environment.
  • We support all the efforts and struggles of small farmers in the Hawiadia region and put the full responsibly on the Tunisian state to meet their demands.
  • We demand from the Union Company for quarries in Northwest to Immediate cessation of its activities in the quarry due to its effects on the small farmers and the environment.
  • We also invite the human rights groups, political originations, syndicates to support the and fully engage in this battle that the small farmers is taking to preserve their right to live.
  • We also appreciate all the individuals, groups that have shown their solidarity with the peasants.

For a people’s sovereignty on food, land, water and all resources.

Regional secretary of the north African network for food sovereignty