A New Study: Towards a just agricultural transition in North Africa


This study looks at the challenges, components and characteristics of a just transition within the agriculture sector in North Africa. It evaluates and compares agricultural policy transformations and the possibilities of a just transition in the agriculture sectors in Algeria, Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia

The study is divided into three sections. The first section analyzes the agricultural policies and the trajectory of agricultural development in the region. The second section explores questions of environmental and climate debt, as well as the effects of uneven environmental changes on natural resources and opportunities for development. The third section presents and discusses ecological and regenerative agriculture, local initiatives and networks of actors who are building a just transformation of agriculture in North Africa. It concluded that a just transition in the agriculture sectors in North Africa depends on achieving autonomy, ending dependency, reducing poverty, and mitigating the effects of climate change and environmental degradation

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About the author

Saker El Nour is a visiting Postdoctoral Fellow at the International Research Group on Authoritarianism and Counter-Strategies of the Rosa Luxembourg Foundation and the Center for Middle Eastern and North African Politics, Freie Universität Berlin. His scholarly interests include political ecology, rural sociology, rural social movements, and agri-environmental politics, with a focus on Arab countries. He is co-founder of the North Africa and Middle East Network for a Just Transition (RÉSEAU TANMO). Email: Sakerabdol@gmail.com