Press release : The North African Network for Food Sovereignty joins the Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa (AFSA)


Since its foundation in 2017, the North African Network for Food Sovereignty works on networking and consolidating militant links with local, regional and international organisations for the struggle towards the project of food sovereignty in addition to the collaboration of the network with the associations and the syndicates of small scale food producers in North Africa, the Middle East and the Arabic region.

The Network reinforced its effective work by joining the Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa (AFSA) after the ratification of the general committee of the Alliance on the membership of the Network in March 2021.

AFSA is an african alliance of many organisations of small scale food producers.

This membership will provide more channels for expertise exchange and militantism experiences between the Network and the Alliance. This will take place by the collective and unified work on environmental, social and political issues, the struggle for resources, the assistance of small scale farmers, fishermen, shepherds and agricultural workers struggles, and the advocacy for sustainable alternatives, essentially Food Sovereignty.

All the militant forces for food sovereignty are called to fight the world capitalism’s attack on resources and environment of the global south.

Regional Secretariat