short documentary: The Lord of pastures

The film gives a deep insight into the traditional pastoral systems of the Atlas Mountains through the voice of Idir, a charismatic nomadic pastoralist from the legendary Ait Atta tribal confederacy. Amghar n’Tuga or Amghar n’Igudlan (lord of pastures), within the pastoralist and agro-pastoralist communities of Morocco’s Atlas Mountains, is the person appointed by Ajmu’ , the indigenous gerontocratic councils, to supervise transhumance and pasture, a vestige of the eroded tribal horizontal institutions.

The camera follows Idir, who had been elected as Amghar n’Tuga, and his family in their seasonal migration to Izoughar, their summer pastures. Accompanied by their livestock, they transhume from Asamr, the High Atlas Mountains’ dry southeastern slopes, to Amalu, the more humid and fertile northwestern slopes. The film lets us discover the beautiful landscapes of Morocco’s alpine rangelands as Idir talks about his duties as Amghar n’Tuga, the traditional pastoral system of Agdal, the nomadic life, their sheep, goats and dromedaries as well as about drought, land and water predation and the issues threatening their survival.

Amghar n’Tuga is a production of the North African Food Sovereignty Network and Elias Terrass with the support of The Transnational Institute and Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung – North Africa.