The effects of Russia’s war on Ukraine on small-scale food producers in Morocco


Russia’s war on Ukraine caused great disruption to the global food market, whether in terms of food or inputs for food production supplying (fertilizers, seeds, pesticides, energy). The great weight of the two countries in that global food market played a major role in that.

Although Morocco is not a major customer of these two countries and despite the initial assurances given by Moroccan officials, it soon seemed to be affected by the results of this war, especially in the form of high food and energy prices. Morocco depended on the global market, whether in terms of selling its agricultural produce, which is mainly destined for export, or in terms of supplying basic food consumption, especially wheat, and also supplying production inputs (fertilizers and energy), all of this made Morocco in the eye of the storm.

Russia’s war on Ukraine came to deepen the deterioration of the small farmer’s situation: the rise in the prices of production inputs, the inability to sell the product, the shrinking of production, and the high cost of consumer goods, a large part of which is supplied from the local market.

What are the mechanisms by which Morocco is affected by the war in Eastern Europe? What are the effects of this war on macro-economic indicators? What are the implications for small food producers? Does it have repercussions on the final consumer? What are the structural factors causing vulnerability to global shocks? What alternatives and recommendations could be put forward to address this situation? In this study, we endeavor to answer these questions.


  • Preface: “Tropic of Chaos”
  • Section I: Effects of the Russo-Ukrainian War on the Food Market
  • Section II: Effects of the war on food, the economy and the situation of small-scale food producers in Morocco.
  • Section III: the effects of the war on small-scale food producers – a field study
  • Section IV: food sovereignty in the face of structural dependence and circumstantial shocks
  • Conclusion: “The Reproach of Hunger”

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